Sachem Prime review – does your tank need it?

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Whether have just got home with your new fish tank or doing your 10,000th water change (please don’t tell me you counted them) you want the water going into your tank to be healthy for your fish. Getting healthy water for your fish is not as easy as going to the kitchen and filling up a pitcher with water and pouring it in. Yea that water can be crystal clear and still be very bad for your fish in fact it can kill them. Tap water contains chemicals such as chlorine and chloramine that help kill bacteria considered bad for us humans. If your home is on well water and your tanks are not new in most cases that water can be used as is, however it is always best to get a test kit to make sure. For the rest of us the easiest way to get the water safe and healthy for our fish is to treat the water

Having tried over a dozen water conditioners over the years I must say I have never found one that does not work. That being said I think some are better than others. I put Seachem Prime at the top of my list. Here is a list of reasons why I use it.

  • Removes chlorine, chloramine
  • Detoxi´Čües ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate
  • Its more concentrated than mast competing products making is cheaper to use
  • Hard to overdose the fish with it.
  • Works instantly
  • Does not alter the pH
  • Works in both fresh and salt water Tanks

So with all the good things I bet your asking what the cons of the product are? Well they are few and far between but I have two, the stuff don’t smell very good at all but since you only open it for a few seconds and put a few drops in the tank then close it up that not much of an issue. It contains some helpful bacteria for you fish an I expect that what makes it smell bad. Once its in the fish tank you cant smell it.

The other con is a on occasion you do get a bad or old bottle and it smell even worst and the color is a bit off the normal, I think this comes when you buy from a store with very old stock. In every case I have heard of Seachem has replaced the product for free. I must note this is a rare problem.

Conclusion: To answer the title of this article “Sachem Prime review – does your tank need it?” In most cases YES your tank needs it. If you want the best then Seachem Prime is produce to consider.

My Rating 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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