Marina Holding & Breeding box

The Marina Holding & Breeding box is for assisting in Livebearer fish breeding. Unlike many of the other breeder boxes on the market this one hangs on the outside of the tank instead of in the tank. The video shows how set it up and use it. Pros Easily monitor fish from outside the tank […]

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Easy DIY fish friendly snail trap

This Simple Snail trap lets the small fish out of your tank while still catching the snails. Zoo Med Laboratories AZMFA50 Sinking Ceramic Betta Log $5.99 Buy Now Yeefant Aquarium Tools, Clear Snail Trap Aquarium Fish Tank Plants Planarian… $4.49 Buy Now Hot Sale!UMFun Household Holding Telescopic Mini Snail Small Funnel Food… […]

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Aquascaping with Shale and Java Moss

This simple method can be used to add a custom rock and moss aquascape to your tank.

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Sachem Prime review – does your tank need it?

Whether have just got home with your new fish tank or doing your 10,000th water change (please don’t tell me you counted them) you want the water going into your tank to be healthy for your fish. Getting healthy water for your fish is not as easy as going to the kitchen and filling up […]

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Guppy Tail Shapes

For the Hobbyist the shape of the tail is often not overly important. After all everyone has an opinion of what looks good and hey that’s great.  For them this article will show the names of the basic tail shapes. For those that want to go further into the hobby and raise show guppies understanding […]

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